Townsville trials Eagle Boys Pizza virtual drive-through concept

Sarah Stowe

A virtual drive-through tool gives Eagle Boys franchisees another way to deliver serviceWhat’s one step better than a drive-through? How about pizza delivered to your car when you stop by an Eagle Boys store?

Eagle Boys Pizza is trialling a virtual drive-through: the technology allows customers to let the pizza outlet know when they arrive at the store so team members are primed to step outside with the meal.

Customers can request the service when they place their orders through the website or with an app.

Nick Vincent, CEO of Eagle Boys, said 70 percent of Eagle Boys’ business is generated as pick up orders.

“This is about giving customers an even more convenient option when they come to pick-up their order, and at no extra cost to the customer."

“We believe this is the first time this technology has been available in the industry so we’re very excited to hear our customers’ feedback. We were the first pizza company to offer a drive-through option, and now we’re using technology to take this concept to the next level of convenience.”

The Virtual Drivethru customer option has been in production for 18 months; if the trial is successful, it will be rolled out across the Eagle Boys network nationwide.

The trial will begin this weekend at four outlets in the Townsville region.