Theatre Home business success

Theatre at Home, a unique leisure concept that’s primed for business success

Sarah Stowe

A unique business model is rocketing the home entertainment concept to the next level.

Theatre at Home is leveraging 20 years of experience operating a specialist audio visual retail outlet, Life Style Store, to bring the cinematic experience to your lounge room.

Vinod Christie David is the director of the family firm which is a specialist in entertainment and smart home items for home, auto, and marine.

“We wanted to find a way to get to a more mass market customer base with home theatres. Over the last seven or eight years the market has sold soundbars and TVs rather than home theatres for various reasons, compounded because customers don’t realise what’s available.”

The smarts gained through the Life Style Store’s years of successful trading in this sector have ensured the Theatre at Home offer is top class.

Aussie brand brings Hollywood-at-home ambience

A Theatre at Home installation can include star-studded acoustic panels in the ceiling for that Hollywood-at-home ambience.

“We designed a system to fit in any home, without any pre-wiring or room modification requirements. The system is hard-wired within its unique framing structure, and it looks like a proper home theatre with audiovisual items that can be customised.”

The plug-and-play package includes a cabinet, screen, projector, Atmos sound system, one app for operation, a custom ceiling, lighting and acoustic treatments.

While it can be installed by anyone, even without AV knowledge, most customers choose the hassle-free installation service. Optus O-Team is the brand’s installation partner.

“We do all the buying and procurement, we handle the installation and after-sales service,” says Vinod.

This leaves the franchisee to focus on the core business: selling home theatre packages to a wide variety of consumers.

Keen home entertainment consumers range from young couples to the more typical families with children aged five to 15, says Vinod.

“Culturally our main customer base is quite broad. The Asian, European and Australian market segments are all strong customer groups” he says.

Home theatre business success

Since Theatre at Home was established 18 months ago it has taken deposits on products valued at nearly $20 million. The global home theatre market is estimated at over US$10 billion and is expected to reach US$30 billion by 2030. Home theatre in a box systems have the greatest potential with the Asia Pacific region experiencing the fastest growth.

“We opened this business with a test campaign at the Sydney Easter Show, and straight off took 66 orders for $20,000,” reveals Vinod.

Just over a year later and there are seven stores already up and running, with one store already licensed.

“These are big ticket items, so one retail store only needs a single theatre package sale once a week and it is a good result,” says Vinod.

While the starting point for a home theatre is $20,000 there are exciting plans to introduce a more price-conscious D-I-Y kit next year.

“This will be a theatre package customers can buy as a kit and self-install. It will take the cost nearer to $15,000,” says Vinod.

Theatre at Home partners with Sonos and Klipsch for its cash and carry products, also offering Hisense TVs to complement the full-blown theatre experience.

“This is an easy, simple business catering to a broad market,” says Vinod. “People love the concept and the business. It is a fun and exciting category. And we are just getting started!”