SuperGreen Solutions rolls out high-tech mobile model

Nick Hall

Energy efficient franchise business, SuperGreen Solutions has rolled out an innovative new, mobile model. A network-first, SuperGreen Direct is a low-cost mobile showroom that allows prospective franchisees to take advantage of the global business’ established branding.

Under the new model, franchisees take SuperGreen Solutions’ industry-leading catalogue of products and display them directly to clients, in their own home.

Sean Cochrane, SuperGreen Solutions founder and managing director says the new SuperGreen Direct franchise opportunity was designed to reflect the evolving nature of retail and ecommerce.

“Let’s face it, the way business has been done in the past will not be how business will be conducted in the future,” he said. “Bricks and mortar is changing, some people don’t want a five-year lease, that’s why we’re introducing this.”

The new SuperGreen Direct vans are also a significant reduction in price. At present, a SuperGreen Solutions storefront will set you back roughly $200,000, depending on fitout, where the new mobile model is just $85,000, drive away.

The vans are fully equipped with a plethora of energy efficient products, that serve a dual purpose as both a showroom and a mobile workspace.

Additionally, the fully Wi-Fi enabled spaces have integrated lighting displays, electric vehicle chargers and air-purification devices all controllable through the onboard Google Home system.

“The van displays all of our products, everything that is in that showroom is now in the van,” Cochrane said.

SuperGreen Direct as a disruptor

The addition of the mobile sales model is sure to be a boost for bricks and mortar retailers as well, with Cochrane revealing existing franchisees can now serve as supplier hubs.

“If I’ve got the store and you are the sales guy, you don’t have the stock on hand, so essentially it feeds back into the bricks and mortar retailer. The bricks and mortar operator can then split the profit as he is effectively working as a supplier.”

It’s a proactive changing of the guard for SuperGreen Solutions, which has achieved enormous success in Australia and abroad. The business has become one of the country’s leading energy efficiency advisers, suppliers and installers.

While an innovative approach to energy efficiency put the brand on the map, a dedicated focus on improving customer experience is serving as the next step.

“This is the disruptor. Shopping now is on your mobile phone. Five to ten years ago, people were walking down the strip mall, then they moved to a shopping centre, now they are shopping on their phone,” Cochrane said.

The SuperGreen Direct showroom is just one of the three new mobile models the brand is currently rolling out to combat the evolving sector.

New SuperGreen Solutions models

The global franchise is also launching an installer and electrician/plumber model for those looking to specialise their offering.

“The next step is finding the electrician and solar installer that wants his own van. He doesn’t want a show-room, he wants that identification with the tools. When the bricks and mortar retailer sells a Tesla battery, he needs someone to install it, that’s where this model works.”

It’s a system that allows for free-flowing movement across all platforms, where by the SuperGreen Direct sales van can quote and sell products, pass a supply order on to the bricks and mortar retailer before having the mobile installer visit the homeowner.

The full-service model is what sets the brand apart Cochrane said, with so many entities all operating as a team, everyone wins.

“Remember, with all these additional vans driven around, there is more noise, more brand awareness, and all that static is bringing more value to the bricks and mortar model.”

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