Spotlight Little Boomers Basketball

Spotlight on Little Boomers Basketball

Sarah Stowe

Little Boomers Basketball founder and director Emile Korrey takes the Franchise Business Q&A.

When was Little Boomers Basketball established?

Little Boomers Basketball was founded six years ago and we began franchising in 2021.

What does it cost to buy a franchise?

A Little Boomers Basketball franchise costs $49,999 + GST

Describe the core areas of your company’s business.

We specialise in delivering basketball programs and classes for kids ages 3-12. We offer 10+ unique programs that run all year-round including term classes, kids basketball parties, school holidays programs and seven more exciting programs.

Who is a typical customer?

Our customer are parents with kids ages 3-12, as well as childcare centre directors and primary school coordinators / principals.

What makes your brand stand out from the competition? 

Parents love us because of how our coaches go above and beyond to ensure their child has an amazing experience with our program. From the point when the parent arrives at the venue and is greeted by their franchisee, to the warmup and skills covered during the class, we provide a world class program that is executed with passion drive basketball coaches.

Because of this, many parents refer us to others, and we have a high renewal rate as parents continue to sign up their child term after term.

Why is Little Boomers Basketball an excellent business for a franchisee?

There are only a handful of basketball providers that specialise in what we offer, especially for the younger age groups, 3-5.

Basketball is a growing sport and our enrolment numbers reflect this. We started with 16 kids in 2018 and in 2023 we have 10,000+ children complete our programs

Having access to 10+ different programs not only creates revenue all year round, but it also increases the average order per customer, as one parent may sign up for a term program, a holiday camp and request a basketball party for their child.

Our marketing is second to none. Our online presence across various social media platforms is strong, with over 12,000 followers on Facebook and an in-house marketing agency that delivers targeted ads to ensure franchisees are receive leads all year round

We have invested more than $100,000 in systems, guides and checklists to make running the business as effortless as possible, so that franchisees can spend less than three hours a day operating it.

Which franchisee support element is the most well-received and why?

Marketing, because of the amount of money we reinvest to marketing, in SEO, Google ads, Instagram and Facebook ads plus the creation of custom marketing materials that a franchisee can order in the click of a button.

Franchisees appreciate this the most as it gives their business constant exposure to parents which in turn leads to more enrolments and sales.

What’s the typical work commitment for a franchisee?

Daily, three hours, and between 15 and 21 hours a week.

What drives the growth strategy?

We have a number of drivers: new marketing initiatives to entice parents to sign up; improving our systems and website experience to increase speed and make the enrolment process seem seamless; ensuring excellent program delivery that results in referral and increase growth 

What are Little Boomers Basketball’s expansion plans for the next five years?

Recruiting more franchisees that suit our criteria, that want to make an impact to their local community.

Share one exciting innovation or development on the horizon

Boomers Ballers Club: a token system that allows children in our program to collect tokens during their Little Boomers class. As they accumulate more tokens, they unlock awesome prizes. Each prize that follows is better than the previous prize to encourage children to collect as many tokens as they can.