Snapology concept local franchisee

Snapology proves a winning concept for local franchisee

Sarah Stowe

When Matt Glynn was scrolling through Facebook posts he didn’t expect to come face to face with his future. But the minute he saw the Snapology concept flash up on his screen, he was hooked.

Snapology offers STEAM (science, technology, English, arts and maths) classes and camps to schools, community centres, libraries and at their own discovery centres. It’s smart learning through fun, hands-on experiences.

“I’m a big kid at heart, and a Lego lover, so this was a natural fit,” laughs Matt.

Building a future

He recognises the value of excellent learning opportunities; Matt comes from a family of educators and has worked in adult training and teaching IT. He is also experienced in marketing and community endeavours as a musical director and band organiser.

But he was ready for a fresh start. “My talents were pushing me towards leadership, and I was looking for a way to be my own boss,” he says.

Matt began researching the business and the local market in early 2023. By June he had signed up to the franchise full time.

Matt’s original plan was to deliver the Snapology program as a mobile business. However his research revealed he needed a bricks-and-mortar location. Although Snapology is well-established in its home base of the US, it is a fresh face in Australia. Matt decided a visual presence in the community would help fast-track brand recognition.

“We found a location in Camden, built new walls, painted it in bright colours – it’s a great space. It has street presence but is set back from the street so it safe for kids.

Community support for education concept

“From customers we’ve had the most fantastic response. As soon as kids and parents walk in to our centre they see what we’re about; it’s bigger and better than they thought. Our early adaptors are exceptionally pleased. I’m really happy about how the community embraced us.

“Of course we faced challenges, including the additional costs of the centre. But we have tightened our budget accordingly,” he explains.

“It was stressful, having to make those adjustments and push through tough days. But even with those challenges, this has been one of the most worthwhile things I’ve done,” Matt says.

“I’ve met a lot of great people, had a lot of fun, and learned more in the last six months than I have the rest of my life.”

Matt says the support from Snapology has been fantastic. The franchisor provides the essential back-end admin and booking systems required to operate the business.

“The US provides all the resources and locally, our master franchisor is always available to help with any queries. The training was fantastic, and if I’ve needed anything, he’s been there to assist. I can’t fault Snapology for local support.”

Curriculum-based learning

Snapology is a curriculum-based program, with more than 95 different courses and more in development.

“There is always new material for our students, and it is easy to convert the content to the Australian curriculum,” he says. “That’s a net positive when approaching schools; we can show students are achieving the required outcomes.”

Snapology teaches stages one, two and three in term time. Five to 14-year-olds mix together in the holiday camps and the instructors (local primary and secondary teachers) differentiate according to student levels.

“We have the ability to mix students of different ages; this is an important factor in social development, which is a big part of what we do. In the environment we are fostering, the older students have a chance to be leaders, and the younger kids respond.

“The recognition from students and their parents has been fantastic. It’s validated this is a much-needed business in our area. The product is sound, and we’re on the right path in terms of our deliveries.”

Marketing the business is a crucial factor in the business’ success, and Matt has brought his own expertise to add to the knowledge in the franchisor team.

Marketing helps drive brand awareness

He supplements the brand awareness from national campaigns with his own local area marketing.

“I’m very focused on ensuring the first interaction with the customer is crisp and clear marketing,” he says.

Matt has cross-selling deals with local businesses, from discounts at cafes to special offers at a neighbouring boxing and fitness venture.

“All the businesses we’ve befriended are very supportive and keen to share their expertise. They are happy to come on board with new ideas.”

As a new franchisee, Matt and his partner attended last year’s Snapology conference in Los Angeles.

“The conference was incredible, I was not expecting 1000 delegates! It was really important for me to see how everyone is running their businesses. Whether you are community or business-minded, you can make this work,” he says.

Growth potential at Snapology

“Snapology provides guidance and an education platform but how we approach and deliver the product is up to us, and that’s where the freedom comes in.”

Snapology also offers birthday parties, corporate holiday events, parents night outs and classes to preschoolers.

“My long-term goal is to see our centre used seven days a week, for education, birthday parties, there’s a lot we can offer.

“I would love to have a second space within five years, and then multiple centres. I want to take my Snapology business as far as possible – I have big, big dreams.”