Q & A with Aussie Pooch Mobile

Sarah Stowe

Aussie Pooch Mobile is a mobile dog wash and care franchise. Here, Inside Franchise Business gets the inside scoop. Inside Franchise Business: catches up with Aussie Pooch Mobile.

1. What makes your brand different from others in the market?

One of the big differences is the work we do in the community, raising funds through the Variety Club so children with special needs can have assistance dogs. Our franchises also help raise funds for animal-related charities.

Other differences include the flexible franchise packages we can tailor to a prospective franchisee’s budget, a lightweight trailer and large exclusive territories. We lead our industry in the area of social-media presence and innovative services including our latest Doggy Facial.

2. Are there advantages in being a mobile business?

Having a mobile business, as opposed to an actual premises, gives the franchisee the flexibility to work the days and hours they want, and also to be able to take holidays. Our mobile unit gives the franchisee the ability to promote their business throughout the territory. Not having staff members or premises also helps reduce running costs.

3. How important is customer loyalty?

Customer loyalty in our business is extremely important as 80 per cent of our customers re-book on a regular two- to four-week basis. One of the benefits of providing a service to the family pet is that customers generally treat the dog as part of the family and prefer to have the same person providing that service. This enables the franchisee to build solid relationships with the customers and their pooch.

4. What are some benefits of the franchise?

  • Award-winning franchise system with more than 26 years’ experience

  • Localised advertising and marketing to launch the franchisee

  • Lightweight, weather proof mobile dog-wash unit

  • Exclusive franchise territory

  • Guaranteed income

  • Full training, including government-recognised certificate courses.

5. Do franchisees have access to the franchisor’s buying power?

Yes our franchisees have access to our exclusive range of products and marketing materials at reduced prices thanks to our bulk buying.

6. What costs can a franchisee expect?

We have various new franchise packages ranging from $15,000 to $40,900, and existing franchises are also available.

7. What are some challenges of the business?

Challenges vary from franchisee to franchisee. The most common challenge or fear that people have coming into this business is reversing a trailer and/or cutting dogs’ nails. Both these are covered during the training process so the franchisee is confident from day one. Whatever challenges our franchisee may come across, we provide ongoing coaching and training to help them overcome these.

8. Do franchisees have territories?

Yes, our franchisees have exclusivity to their territory.

9. Is multi-unit ownership encouraged?

As a rule we find an owner/operator archives far greater success than if a Blue Wheelers or Dash business is run under management with staff. We have a handful of businesses run this way, so it is permitted but not necessarily encouraged.

10. Do you agree with IbisWorld* that growing competition makes differentiation a struggle?

In regards to large pet “retailers” there may be some truth to this, as we have seen with the grocery and fuel sectors. However our “service industry” business is based on building solid relationships with our customers. Our service started with a generation of customers who grew up in households where chores were shared, and now we have the next generation coming through where everything is outsourced.

11. How significant is the humanisation of pets as a part of the family?

This is a major factor in the success of our business. Our customers want to know that their family member (the dog) is receiving the best possible care. All our franchisees are fully trained in all aspects of the franchise system, including caring for the dog during the service and animal first aid. Customers do not want different people handling their dog so become loyal, regular clients.

*IBISWorld report: Pets and Pet Supplies Retailers in Australia (January 2017)