New franchise opportunity brings Italian flair to your home

Sarah Stowe

If you appreciate good design and have a burning desire to run your own business, then the latest addition to the franchising scene could be just what you need.

After 38 years of helping customers bring authentic Italian flair to their homes, Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics has announced plans to franchise.

The business is a one-stop shop for people wanting to build or renovate their home.

Managing director, Joe Cirillo, says “Our model combines tiles, lighting, bathroomware, kitchen appliances, tapware, door furniture and interior design services for a range of budgets.

“It is this diversified and exclusive product offering that provides franchisees with a business model capable of maximising their return on investment and building capital for themselves and their families.”

And franchisees have a second source of income beyond retail.

“Our model encourages franchisees to access the B2B market by working with developers, builders, architects and interior designers,” Cirillo says.

Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics has been a family business for three generations. In 1966, Calabrian born Domenico Cirillo arrived in Australia and began work in construction before establishing his tile and lighting business.

Today all three of founder Domenico’s grandchildren work side-by-side with their father and uncle, providing expertise in the areas of design, finance and marketing.

Reflecting and protecting the brand has been central to creating the franchise package.

“Franchising is the next organic step for us,” Cirillo adds. “The Canberra business is a gem, but with the city’s population under 400,000, further expansion in the ACT is difficult.

“Additionally, there is a clear gap in the market in other states, as no one is offering a boutique one-stop shop solution. Franchising the business means homeowners in other states can benefit from our model.

“We have spent the last two and a half years perfecting our model,” he says.  “Initially we put ourselves in the position of prospective franchisees and we have created a financially sound offering with an attractive payback return period. And because the branding of the business is our priceless family name, we will always do everything we can to support the efforts of our franchisees.

“Franchising allows us to partner with genuine business people who share our drive and passion, and who want to establish an outlet in a location that is convenient for them.”

While franchisees need an appreciation for quality and innovative design solutions, building industry experience is not required.

The cost of a franchise starts from $450,000, with options to scale up or down initially, and territories are available in NSW, Queensland and Victoria.