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McDonald’s reopens first Aussie store

Sarah Stowe

The very first McDonald’s store in Australia has reopened, with a flashback to the 1970s. Sydney’s Yagoona outlet was the standard bearer for the burger brand back in December 1971 and now the reimagined store celebrated its opening with limited time retro pricing on the menu.

For just two hours, the Hamburger was priced at a mouthwatering 20 cents!

Andrew Gregory, CEO McDonald’s Australia, said “We are incredibly proud to reopen McDonald’s Yagoona and recognise its important part of our history. “

The original restaurant operated from December 1971 to 1994.

Original McDonald's Yagoona outlet | Inside Franchise Business Executive
Original McDonald’s Yagoona outlet | Inside Franchise Business Executive

“Everything our customers know and love about McDonald’s Australia started at Yagoona, from Happy Meals and birthday parties to first jobs and community contribution,” he said.

“The reopening celebrates 50 years of supporting our customers, people and communities in Australia.”

McDonald’s Yagoona represents a $5 million investment into the local economy. The new restaurant will bring 120 jobs  to the area.

“The new restaurant will employ people of all ages and experience levels, offer a supportive working  environment, outstanding training and development opportunities, and the flexibility to suit all circumstances,” said Andrew. 

The business ploughs more than $40 million into training and development initiatives each year.

“McDonald’s is committed to helping our people build their skills and career opportunities both within McDonald’s and other industries,” he said.

Reflecting the style of the original Yagoona restaurant in its unique décor, the restaurant features a historic timeline, images of the 1971 restaurant and a Happy Meal toy display with iconic toys from across the years.

McDonald's reopens first Australian store | Inside Franchise Business
McDonald’s reopens first Australian store | Inside Franchise Business

The new restaurant will operate 24-hours and feature a McCafé, dual lane drive-thru, dedicated delivery  partner room and PlayPlace.