What drives The Apprentice winner Andrew Morello?

Sarah Stowe

Serial entrepreneur Andrew Morello from Yellow Brick Road reveals in an exclusive interview what drives him to keep achieving. 

In this interview, the first program in an exciting new alliance between Inside Franchise Business and digital tv channel InspireTalk, Andrew Morello reveals what sparked his entreprenuerial spirit, why social enterprise is important, and the importance of collaboration in business.

Family inspiration

It all started at home. Morello tells InspireTalk’s Federico Re how his Italian migrant family ignited his entrepreneurial spirit. The experience of growing up with a family-owned business set him on the path to a successful property career that saw him complete nearly 1000 property transactions. 

It was then as the winning contestant on The Apprentice with Yellow Brick Road founder Mark Bouris in 2009 that Morello catapulted into the next stage of his career.

Today he combines the role of head of development at Yellow Brick Road with being a property investor and a social entrepreneur.

Social entrepreneurship

Morello has walked the Kokoda Trail fundraising for Seed Foundation, which promotes indigenous education around health services in Australia’s remote communities, encouraging youngsters to pursue a career in health care.

He is on the board of social enterprise, Project Gen Z, which runs outreach programs for children in Cambodia.

The foundations of his upbringing spurred on his charitable, philanthropic mindset, he explains.  The decision to take up social causes was never about being a social entrepreneur, it was instinctive. “That’s the way you do life,” he says.

In this interview he talks about “trying to find balance and really getting perspective on life”.

Why collaboration is king

As someone who has juggled ideas and initiatives over the years, he is well-placed to determine the value of collaboration.

“Sometimes getting support might not be monetary. The people you collaborate with might be there for a reason, a season or a lifetime,” he points out. And with donor fatigue a reality, it’s crucial to find the commercial viability in a social project, he says.

Watch this interview to find out:

  • Morello’s top three tips for entrepreneurs
  • How to approach social media
  • What the future of philanthropy looks like
  • How to change the world
  • And why he and Fitstop chairman and former Zambrero CEO Stuart Cook have matching tattoos.

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