Just Cuts

You don’t have to be a hairdresser to own a Just Cuts™!

With a long and successful history in the franchising sector, Just Cuts™ is well positioned to take the guesswork out of opening your own business. We provide our franchise owners with a proven, successful system that will guide you through every step of opening your salon. We truly believe that the success of the brand comes down to our network of Franchise Owners – that’s why we make things easy, convenient and simple for you.

Here are just some of the benefits of becoming a Just Cuts™ Franchise Owner:

The Just CutsSmart Choice Checklist

  • Increased flexibility and work-life balance – the average Just Cuts franchise owner spends less than 30 hours working on their business*
  • Potential to easily expand into multiple salons – in fact, over half of our franchise owners own two or more salons
  • No hairdressing experience necessary
  • Combine security with independence
  • Be part of a well-established, Australian and New Zealand brand
  • Grow your business within an existing network of salons
  • Share resources, ideas and information with Just Cuts franchise owners
  • Benefit from shared marketing and social media resources
  • Tap into greater public awareness of your business
  • Enjoy ongoing operational support, training and development opportunities
  • Leave marketing, social media and promotions to the Academy Team

At Just Cuts we have identified the characteristics we believe set our franchisees in good stead at the helm of a Just Cuts™ salon. How do you score?

  • Cooperation – being willing to collaborate and work with others
  • Communication skills – willingness to interact and communicate with others
  • Intrinsic motivation –  being motivated by personal goals and self-improvement
  • Leadership potential – having a preference to lead and motivate others
  • Positive outlook – having a belief that things will work out if you persevere
  • Brand passion – having confidence and a strong belief in the brand
  • Proactivity – being action-orientated and committed to achieving results
  • Personal organisation – being systematic and well organised
  • Family and social support – having a network of supportive family or friends
  • Emotional resilience –  being able to handle pressure without getting too anxious
  • Vigour– having high levels of energy in one’s approach to life

Find out how you could turn your dreams into reality with Just Cuts™. Just contact us now to find out more!

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