Burrito Bar
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Burrito Bar
Wollongong, NSW
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Burrito Bar, Smokin Burgers n’ Ribs and Sweet Republick Wollongong    

Passionate about food and interested in owning your own Mexican franchise, a burger and ribs franchise and an ice-cream and dessert franchise all in one? This is an exciting opportunity to partner with one of Australia’s fastest-growing Mexican brands (currently with 44 locations), with one of the fastest growing burger and ribs brands (currently with 6 physical and 39 virtual locations), and with one of the fastest growing ice-cream and dessert brands (currently with 14 locations), all in the same location.

Located in the heart of the NSW coastal city of Wollongong within the bustling shopping district of Wollongong Central on Globe Lane, Burrito Bar / Smokin Burgers n’ Ribs / Sweet Republick Wollongong has exposure to 1,000’s of pedestrians every day and late into the night. With hundreds of local retail stores, nightclubs, entertainment precinct, and close proximity to the beach, hospital and university, this is a prime position for anybody who wants big exposure and the potential for a very large number of customers.  

Key Investment Highlights:

  • A Mexican brand with 44 locations across Queensland, NSW, Victoria, ACT and Northern Territory.
  • A burger and ribs brand with 6 physical locations and 39 virtual locations across Queensland, NSW, Victoria, ACT and Northern Territory.
  • An ice-cream and dessert brand with 14 locations across Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Northern Territory.
  • Be part of a franchise network that is strategic, flexible, and has a localised approach to restaurant models, operations, and marketing, meaning that success can be achieved in a diverse range of markets and locations.
  • Full training provided – no experience necessary.
  • Receive dedicated and professional ongoing support across all areas of the business from a Support Team that knows how to get results. 
  • Restaurant has an efficient and highly effective near-new design enabling the location to operate a single kitchen servicing multiple brands and shop fronts. 
  • All 3 brands have massive exposure to Globe Lane with extended shopfronts for maximum exposure to passing pedestrians.
  • Location is well suited to day trading thanks to exposure to the mall area and huge surrounding retail presence, but also to night trade with restaurants, bars, nightclubs, Strike Bowling and Holey Moley in the immediate vicinity.
  • Location has a solid and experienced team already in place.
  • Location is currently run under full management.
  • FULL VENDOR FINANCE AVAILABLE (interest free) to reduce entry costs.

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Price:  $500,000 + SAV (full interest free vendor finance available)

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