Join The Most Fun Golfing Franchise In The World – X-Golf

X-Golf Franchises have cutting edge technology indoor golf simulators giving participants unparalleled accuracy that borders on real life golf.

Using a combination of camera systems, infrared lasers, impact sensors and the most advanced gaming software. X-Golf franchises combine virtual reality gaming, food and drinks, competitions, golf lessons, corporate events and social gatherings.

All of this combines to provide visitors with the ultimate golfing entertainment experience whether its hot, cold or raining.

If you’re enthusiastic, enjoy a positive attitude towards life and enjoy being a part of a collective who are working within the revolutionary sports entertainment X-Golf franchise system in Australia, then X-Golf look forward to talking to you about the possibilities that X-Golf can bring.

X-Golf is a unique market offering and demonstrates a proven track record of success in Australia, utilising the latest interactive sports technology, XGolf appeals to both the recreational golfer, the Club golfer and the serious golfer.  As the market leader we have an opportunity unlike any other currently available in the field of Sporting/Entertainment in Australia.

We have successful franchises situated across Victoria and recently have added new venues in Adelaide, Sydney, and the Gold Coast.

Utilising a well-known/strong brand. New Franchisees can jump aboard an established reputation in the Sports/Entertainment arena, which will ensure the ability to get traction in their new territory quickly.

X-Golf franchise venues are destination location that is not impacted by weather and can be played in a short time frame.

Along with Golf Simulators, venues also include a bar that supplies drinks and food, which ensures high profitability to your X-golf franchise.

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