Little Kickers

About The Brand

Little Kickers is now the largest provider of preschool football (soccer) classes in the world. Operating across 6 continents, in 33 countries, through a network of over 300 franchisees, over 70,000 kids participate in our programs every week.

At Little Kickers, a key aspect of our mission is to enable all preschool children to gain a fun, positive introduction to sport in a friendly, non-competitive environment. Over the last 20 years, we have been able to package the world’s favourite game into a leading edutainment business that enables boys and girls to learn the fundamentals of football blended with the skills appropriate to key stages of learning and development in an environment that fires their imaginations.

We are often asked what the ‘secret to our success’ is. We feel that the dynamic growth of the business has been fuelled by the fact that our product is universally appealing to children and their parents, and that our franchise model and associated support offers motivated individuals with a fantastic opportunity to create a successful, family-friendly business with a minimal risk. A key aspect of our business’ success relates to the fact that a Little Kickers franchise appeals to individuals who are looking for a better work/life balance.

Being in control of one’s own destiny is a powerful motivator, and our franchisees recognise that the amount of effort they put into running their franchise translates directly into results.

Over time you will be encouraged to speak to as many of our existing franchisees as you’d like. This will enable you to hear from them about their experiences running a Little Kickers franchise, the training and ongoing support they receive.

Why Little Kickers?

  • Franchisees receive all the information and support necessary to set up their business. This includes the following:
  • An extremely popular, tried and tested program, which has been developed over the past 20 years and is now successfully operated by over 300 franchises worldwide.
  • An exclusive territory in which to operate their Little Kickers classes.
  • In-depth operations training and help with all aspects of the set-up and ongoing management.
  • Marketing advice and a range of customisable advertising and press materials and electronic versions of business stationary.
  • Practical training from the Little Kickers team.
  • Merchandise sourced centrally to obtain significant economies of scale.
  • Training materials for coaches including video training materials.
  • Personal copy of the web-based business system, marketing system and communications hub.
  • Ongoing support from our dedicated Head Office team.

What We Look For In A Franchisee

Having previous experience in sports or business is not a requirement to be a Little Kickers franchisee as we provide full training on all aspects of our system. Our approach has enabled us to create a market-leading business with top quality people. We feel that the success of the entire network hinges on every single franchisee managing to set up and operate their business well, so we are happy to go the extra distance ourselves to ensure that this happens.

Our franchisees have experience in a wide variety of areas: coaching, teaching, management consultancy, accountancy, project management, HR management, buying, insurance broking, banking, sales, marketing and engineering.

The common features which unite them are that they are enthusiastic about encouraging preschool kids to participate in sport, they are friendly, ambitious, motivated and hardworking. It is also important that they are able to operate as part of a team.

Relationships between franchisees are excellent and as a company we feel that far more can be achieved if we help each other rather than we pit our franchisees against each other and push them to compete.

Whilst we encourage people for all backgrounds and with a variety of skills, one critical success factor is the time a franchisee can spend on developing and running the Little Kickers business. As such, we can only accept applications from individuals who have a minimum of 25 hours per week available to run their franchise.


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