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Fox Mowing & Gardening

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Become a part of the Fox Mowing & Gardening, the fastest-growing lawn mowing and gardening business in Australia & now NZ, which comes with large territories, fairer fees and the industry’s best income guarantee!

Fox Mowing & Gardening is led by a team of highly experienced people who have been in the mowing franchise industry since 1989. Skilled in team member training, coaching and support, they decided to establish Fox Mowing in 2012 and have become the fastest-growing lawn mowing and gardening business in Australia in just 10 years, also launching in NZ.

As a team member, we’ll help set you up with everything you need to get your business up and running. We offer the opportunity to combine your skills with our knowledge, experience, and support to create a business that is valued by you and your clients. Our business model relieves you of the corporate routine. Enjoy a steady income with the flexibility to spend more time with your friends and family.

Advantages of Owning a Fox Mowing & Gardening Business

  • A business opportunity with a very reasonable upfront investment
  • Lower and fairer fixed ongoing fees, from just $28 a day, with no commissions or percentages taken
  • Large local territories meaning you work close to home
  • Professional trailers and equipment at the lowest prices
  • Industry-specific one-on-one training and the support to run your business successfully
  • Guaranteed minimum income for the first 6 months of your business
  • Flexibility to choose your working hours, holidays and spare time as you see fit
  • No hidden costs or conditions along with a trial day to experience it for yourself first
  • As Foxes, members earn on average $4-600 per day, once established $100K plus per year
  • This is an unlimited growth business with single operator businesses earning $200K+. Staffed businesses within Fox earn $600K+ and growing
  • Start from just over $6,000 upfront plus equipment and trailer on Fox’s business repayment plan, making it very affordable
  • Vendor Finance Available

We are committing to helping you establish and maintain a long-term and viable business. Fox Mowing is always dedicating to your success because when you are successful so are we.

We are looking for organised and well-presented individuals who maintain high quality standards within their work and can provide reliable and consistent services.

If this sounds like you, then Contact our Team Now for an information pack, an informal discussion and an invitation to spend a trial day out on the road with a Fox to see if the business is for you.

Feel free to visit us for more information and to enquire


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Our initial training will be personalised to your needs. We understand that our franchise owners will come from different backgrounds and thus posses a different skill set. Therefore we will sit down with you to work out the areas you need training in and provide this for you, rather than re-train you in areas you are already proficient in.

We believe this will be more beneficial to you and provide you with the necessary skills you will need from day one to be as successful as you can.

We will provide you with Industry-specific training and help you with the skills to run your business successfully based on our vast years of experience in the Lawn Mowing industry.

We provide a no-nonsense start up and will provide all the  help  you need to commence business.


Upfront investment

  • Franchise fee: $15,000 - $20,000 Vendor Finance Available
  • Site/fit-out fee: $10,000 Equipment - Aprox
  • Other:

Ongoing fees

  • Royalty: $675 Aprox per month
  • Administration or management fee: Included in Royalties
  • Marketing fees: $165 Aprox per month
  • Other:

At the end of the Franchise Agreement

  • Transfer fee:

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