Chop ‘n Chill

Chop ‘n Chill offers aspiring franchisees the prospect of personal and commercial development within an environment that is both innovative and unique to the Australian hospitality industry.

Conceived over some ten years of world wide travel and research, the business offers the delicate and subtle tastes and spices of Asian cuisine and the strong, hearty flavours of smoked-meats from the Americanas.

This approach has created a menu distinctively unique to the Australian restaurant industry that highlights these two
diverse cuisine styles in a manner that very much appeals to the Australian palate.

Importantly too, Chop ‘n Chill has been established as a dinning destination where patrons can enjoy a romantic dinner to large jovial gatherings of family and friends and as your town’s local!

The right fit

We have no doubt that given the outstanding success of our concept, a Chop ‘n Chill franchise will enable the right person to share in its continued expansion and further success, while at the same time creating a valuable personal asset that will allow them to take control of their own destiny. They’ll enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction of being the boss of their own business enterprise, and take a leading commercial role in their local area.

We are passionate about working with good people to create something special. For us the bottom line is that we are looking for the right people to do what we do right!

Chop ‘n Chill is young, dynamic and always ready to evolve it’s menu options to stay on trend and fully ensure the authentic and unique element of our brand remains paramount.

Accordingly, we will collaborate closely with any new franchisee to create a menu that not only optimizes the Chop ‘n Chill brand, but also amplifies profitability by fully meeting the needs and wants of their particular demographic area.

Plans for growth

We have already identified a number of regional areas for franchise expansion, but are open to discuss other areas with interested parties.

A major aim in our franchising plans is to expand and promote the Chop ‘n Chill brand in key locations.

To do this we need the right people who, by living our mantra, will create an expanded business culture where we all operate as one big family in a very supportive and positive way. This which enhances our pioneering brand and maintains its reputation for originality, quality and taste.

For a new franchisee this very much involves hiring the right staff, connecting with customers and taking a high-profile community role. For customers we want your Chop ‘n Chill to be their “local’ where they regularly come for good food, good service and the company of their family.

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