Miniso affordable retail

Miniso brings affordable fun and a relaxed shopping vibe to retail

Sarah Stowe

Miniso is a retail enterprise that’s all about joy, says national sales and operations manager, Luigi Borean.

“Our slogan is Life is for Fun, and that’s something our team strives to deliver every day. We do what’s valuable to our customers, encouraging people to enjoy life with our high quality products.”

There are an astonishing 3000 affordable, individual items across 11 different categories that draw customers in to the stores.

And with new stock arriving every week, there’s always something fresh for consumers to discover.

“We ensure everything can be tested, touched and played with before purchase. The main thing is our products are constantly evolving. Novelty is key and that sets us apart,” says Luigi.

Miniso is all about affordable retail

Miniso offers products that range from cosmetics such as skin care, perfumes and lip gloss, to home decor, storage, bathroom accessories, a wide range of handbags and accessories. There are also personal care products like toothbrushes and manicure sets, make-up tools and tissues.

Then there are practical items like stationery, battery chargers, fluffy slippers and sunglasses. School children love the mystery boxes with figurines. But there is one standout favourite.

“Our plush toys are the most popular; kids young and old love these,” says Luigi.

A focus on original, well-designed items gives Miniso a competitive edge.

And at least 30 per cent of the Miniso range is licensed; the brand holds 75 intellectual property licenses in overseas markets.

Licensing is a core component

Think Disney, Marvel, Toy Story, Cartoon Network, Sanrio, even retro brands like Peanuts and Tom & Jerry.

“We’re not just about the most popular licensed products today but we look back too. Some of our brands are extremely popular with collectors. That’s what makes us unique,” says Luigi.

“We are exploring the potential between brands and adding value to the products to match the evolving needs of our customer base.”

Luigi says the extensive breadth of products allows Miniso to appeal to everyone. From seniors exploring fun new products to young kids wanting something affordable for a Mothers Day gift: a clutch bag for $5, a perfume for $9.

Lifestyle fashion at an affordable price is Miniso’s go-to. 

“Our founder and global president, Jack Yee, had the inspiration for Miniso on a Japanese holiday in 2013. He came across specialty product stores that were inexpensive, well designed – and with products made in China.”

So with his extensive supply and production experience Jack returned to China and set up the retail business that has become the Miniso phenomenon.

Miniso is a global retail phenomenon

With 3000 stores in China, it is no surprise Miniso is a household name in its domestic market. 

The business launched a globalisation strategy in 2015 and now has more than 5500 international stores across 104 countries including in global cities like New York, Paris, London, Dubai and Istanbul.

Miniso’s Australian office in Sydney’s Macquarie Park is leading the charge to grow the Aussie footprint to between 100 and 120 stores in the next two years.

Customers already make almost 100,000 visits to the 34 stores in Canberra, Sydney, Perth, Hobart, Brisbane and Melbourne.

“Our best promotion is our shopfronts,” Luigi points out. “Our brand is unique in how we use customer insights in international markets. We have a really good idea of what customers want.”

Luigi says the business has advanced the extreme affordability vision and is now focused on interest-driven products.

“We trial and sell particular ranges, if one isn’t a success, we move on.”

Miniso’s relaxed shopping experience

“Life is for fun, that is what we want customers to experience. That’s the driving force.”

The highly identifiable Miniso logo and wink logo, in red, reflect the cheeky brand philosophy.

An ever-changing collection of exclusive, diverse products attracts the consumers. What keeps them in-store time and again is the experience.

“I think our super friendly teams make the biggest difference,” says Luigi. “We strive for relaxed and immersive shopping, not a hard sell. We want customers to take their time and have an undisturbed shopping experience,” he says.