Fenceology franchisee build future

Fenceology franchisee breaks boundaries to build a new future

Sarah Stowe

Building his business is all in a day’s work for Fenceology franchisee Antonio Andreevski. 

“I have so much work I am booked five weeks ahead.”

Antonio joined the young fencing business almost 12 months ago as the second franchisee.

“I worked in a warehouse for about eight years and was looking for something with more income, as I am the breadwinner in the family,” he says.

Antonio was ready to break out of his comfort zone and try something new. 

However, it was only when he needed to fix a fence at home that Antonio first came into direct contact with Fenceology. He rang the founder, Aleksandar Spasovski, who is his nephew, to get the work done. 

“He proposed to me he could help me learn how to fence so I could go off and do it by myself. I’ve been doing physical work all my life and I had a lot of annual leave. So I decided to take all my annual leave, and go with Alex to learn more on a daily basis. 

Fenceology franchisee sets out to build new future

“It wasn’t until I had worked for a few months that he suggested I buy a franchise,” says Antonio.

Working alongside Alex had given Antonio insights into how the business was run, and he was confident he could manage it.

“This is a good business for me; the hours, the work and the pay all suit me.”

Fenceology has delivered Antonio far greater freedom in his working day than he had as a warehouse employee.

“I was working in one warehouse, driving a forklift, and picking and packing, so this was a nice change.

“I work about 10 hours a day. That involves getting materials, building fences, and a few hours doing paperwork, sending quotes, doing inspections and measurements, talking to potential customers.

“I work more hours than I used to as an employee, but I can choose where and when I work, without letting down the customers. I work most Saturdays, and occasionally I work Sundays to catch up on jobs if it has rained during the week. Customers understand we can’t get the job done in bad weather.”

The franchisor’s valuable support during the business set-up has continued, ranging from regular Zoom meetings to offering on-site advice.

Franchise offers guidance

“If it doesn’t work for me, it doesn’t work for him, and I don’t want to let him down. When we talk about business, Alex does not treat me like a family member. When I talk to him about customers, it’s not as if he was my nephew. Of course we joke, here and there, but business is business, and family is family.”

Antonio admits the big challenge was making the leap into business ownership. That’s why he picked a franchise, so he had guidance from day one.

He also confesses to anxiety about every new job – that’s his personality, he says.

“I’ve been like that since I was young! When I started with Fenceology, it was scary, I have to admit. My wife was nervous too. But she backed me 100 per cent, and because I am used to hard work, I tackled it and with Alex’s support I learned quickly.”

Although there are standard procedures in fencing, each job presents its own difficulties, Antonio explains.

“You can’t think mechanically about it, this is not a cookie cutter solution. It is important to think and plan ahead about how the fence will be built.”

Sometimes customers add further obstacles to the technical difficulties a job presents.

“They might want a gap under the fence filled in because the ground isn’t always level in every area.”

Antonio will always do the extra work if he can, but he tries to pre-empt these last-minute requests by meeting customers on site at inspections to make them aware of what’s involved in the work.

Despite Antonio’s concerns about completing each job, his customers are more than happy. 

Keeping it simple helps Fenceology franchisee meet his goals

“Alex is getting emails and messages asking for me. I’m pretty confident because I know I do a good job. I have so much work, I’m under the pump!”

A centralised phone number brings in new customers within his territory, and sometimes out of the area if there is no assigned franchisee. 

Antonio is happy to stay close to home with the business and has no plans to expand into another territory.

“If I wanted to, I could add staff and expand, but I want to keep it simple. That suits me. My goal was within the first 12 months to pay the bills and live comfortably. I’ve achieved that. 

“When I get a bit older and want to do less physical work, I might bring someone onboard. Right now there is more than enough work and I can maintain my flexibility.

“I can do my admin late at night or early morning, it is up to me.”

Antonio says the shift to become his own boss has put extra demands on him, but he loves it.

“I do have less time, but I enjoy the work and I’m building something for the future. With all the support I receive from Fenceology and the skills I’ve learned, I’m very confident this will be a success.”