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Armstrong Creek, VIC
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In a competitive market, we’re always looking for new ways to change the game and have the upper hand. Huxtaburger is not a business that sits still. We pride ourselves on being agile; we’re unafraid to adapt and embrace changes in the industry or develop new ways of our own. We are bold and we aim to make noise.

When you join the Huxtaburger business, you gain access to decades of hospitality experience and the learnings that come with it. You will benefit from our established national network of suppliers, brand partners, and third-party aggregators, which allow us strong buying and negotiating power. We pride ourselves on the positive, long-standing relationships that we have developed over the past nine years and have a commitment to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships.

We mentioned that Huxtaburger is all-inclusive, and this value extends to how we approach business. We love finding talented people who are ready to sink their teeth into a new venture and understand that everyone has different budgets to work with. That is why we have developed three Huxtaburger models that have varied establishment costs, as well as different customer experiences. Like a choose your own adventure comic, you can choose the Huxtaburger model that best suits your budget and your objectives, while also having tiered financial choices along the way.

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